Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, fall has been pretty wonderful so far. Like so many other people, I love fall. The weather is beautiful, the trees are beautiful, we get to spend time outdoors since it isn't too hot or too cold, and I know that the holidays are just around the corner. Oh, and don't forget the batch of pumpkin bars I made last week. The cream cheese frosting and the yummy cinnamon and nutmeg. It was spectaular.
Things are going quite well for our little family. Ellie is getting bigger everyday. She crawls everywhere and just got her first tooth last Wednesday. She is so quick to smile and I love to cuddle with her. She is very independent until big Walter walks in the door. She will not cry all day but as soon as he walks in she cries until he picks her up. And he had better not just walk past her. That is pretty much a sin in her book. She is cute and fluffy and we love her.
No, I did not plan the baby plumber's crack in this picture. She was just playing the part of daddy's little plumbing helper.

Little Walter is awesome. I just love that kid. He makes me laught all the time. He LOVES his little sister. He rolls around on the floor with her and still makes sure to give her a kiss every night. He loves to help me with just about everything I do, including chores. Now, if I can just teach him how to do the chores properly we might be on to something. He had a great time at the ward Halloween party even though he wouldn't wear his costume until the party was over. Not a big deal except that he was cookie monster and the rest of us were chocolate chip cookies. Without the cookie monster we just looked like spotted cows. It happens, I guess.

We are still working on the bathroom remodel. It is so pretty and so worth the work. I just wish someone would give us a few more hours in the day so that we could do more work. We have done a lot since I last blogged but nothing stands out as being the coolest thing to blog about so I guess I will finish.
For good measure, here are a few cute pics of the kids together and on of Walter and I to show that we are still in existence.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, I think we've decided to keep this one. She is awful cute and I sure do love her a lot.


Little Walter got a Slip-n-slide (sp? slip & slide?) for his birthday. We (meaning not me) took it outside and played for a bit. I am pretty much anti-watersports so I was the picture taker while the boys played.

Can you tell that he loved it?


This guy enjoyed it too and I just know that he will love me for posting this picture.
Oh, and yes, I am aware that we have the moveable sprinkler spraying the slide. The water tube part had a hole and sometimes we just can't control our hick-ish ways.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bobby's Home

I think the biggest thing that has happened around here lately is Bobby's return from his mission in Argentina. I can't imagine the culture shock he is going thru (and the shock of seeing how all the little one's have grown) but we are really glad to have him home.

Little Walter is especially glad because he knows that once Uncle Bobby comes home we can get ready to go to the beach. That little guy isn't self-serving or anything.


Little Walter is 3

I can't believe that my little baby is 3. Sure, he was born a long time ago and I have had another baby since then, but three years just doesn't seem right.
He was really starting to understand the idea of a birthday party this time around so I thought it would be fun to have his friends over for a BBQ and some play time. There were about 35 people total and it was a lot of fun. The kids ran themselves ragged and were a bunch of big sweat balls by the end of the party. Walter went to sleep very easily that night.
I am grateful for everyone that shared in the fun with us. We love you all.

It isn't a party unless you stick a kid in a garbage can. In this case it was Kobe. Poor kid.

Some of the party-goers in the back yard.

This is community candle-blowing. It's very popular around these parts.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh My Goodness

I don't often write about the conversations that I have with Little Walter, but this one was a winner.
He is standing on his chair in the living room spinning around in a circle with his arms in the air.

LW: I'm spinning like a man! I'm spinning like a man!
Me: You're spinning like a man?
LW: Yes, I am spinning like a man.
Me: (laughing hysterically)
LW: What's so funny about it?
Me: Nothing. I just think you're cute.
LW: (gives me a confused look) I just spin like a man.

Where did I find this kid? And, why is there never anyone around when this stuff happens?

P.S. Three new posts in one day? I rule.

Feasting Upon the Word

I left Ellie alone on her floor mat to play while I did the dishes. She was quiet for a good long time and I was thrilled. That was until I discovered this. That is the copy of the Ensign that I had left on the floor. I had never thought she would take the term "feasting upon the word" quite so literally.
P.S. Make sure you read the post below this one. It is new too.