Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

The weather lately has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. In the Upper 70s the last few days. I love when the weather is like this because I can go outside and enjoy it without getting too hot. It also means that it is shorts weather. I have been wearing shorts lately but I will not be posting pictures of that because the glowing whiteness of my legs is a little frightening. Maybe I will have a few pictures involving myself in a few weeks if I can get a little tan.

I have been taking little Walter outside every day. He totally loves it. He is still going around the yard picking up any rocks he can find and throwing them in to the pond. Unfortunately, he sometimes throws rocks that he shouldn't throw (like the rocks that build the sides of the waterfall) but I fish them out and we are good again. He has also taken to throwing leaves, sticks, dirt and the occasional stuffed animal in the pond. That would be why his teddy bear is currently in the washing machine.

The other thing I love about spring is the flowers. I tend to have what you might call a black thumb. I can't make a plant grow but I can kill just about anything for you. Since we have had our house I have gone through hundreds of dollars worth of plants. I plant them, they grow for a while and then they take a nose-dive. So, I thought I might try bulbs this year. They seem a little heartier. I planted tulips and two other things. I can't remember what the other things are, but I planted them. I have been checking on them every day in hopes that they might actually grow. I had set a goal for myself that if 10% of the bulbs would come out of the ground I would feel like I succeeded. Well, today I reached my goal. 9 out of 86 bulbs have come up. Granted, they are only little pointy green things sticking about 1/2 inch out of the ground, but they at least came up a little bit. I can not tell you how excited I am. I included a couple of pictures of my bulbs(the first pic and the one below) and the last picture is of my blue potato bush flowers. We have had this bush since shortly after we moved into our house over three years ago. I have butchered this thing so many times. It only grows on the left side of the plant and some of the branches might look a little droopy, but it can still grow flowers.

Oh, and in case you doubt my plant growing abilities. Here is a picture of "The Great Tomato Harvest" of 2006. This is all I got before the plant died.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Especially for You

By "you" I mean Cameron and Kelsie. Kels has been bugging me for weeks about getting a video of the boy talking. Since he loves the viewing window on the camera this task has been tough. He just wants to see himself. Well, today I gave it another shot. I was hoping to get more talking out of him but he, well, distracted me. When you get to the end of the video you will see why I couldn't get any further.

Cameron and Kelsie, try not to take his actions personally. I am sure he thinks higher of you than this. : )

New Games

As little Walter gets older he gets more creative. It has made my life easier since he can now find his own toys to play with and can use his own imagination.

I have always heard parents say that the best toys are the random things around your house that you don't buy for the kids. Well, this just goes to prove this point. Our favorite new toy............. the box from the garbage bags.

** In case you didn't notice, the second picture is actually the boy falling over his 4-wheeler. That is what happens when you try to walk with a box on your head.