Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Walker

Well, I am a little sore today so I won't write much. First Brittany tried to kill me with pilates yesterday morning, then Renee tried to kill me with a nearly hour long walk last night. They're crazy.

Anyway, here is a video of Walter walking. Now you can see for yourselves. The rest are just a few recent pics.

Walter decided he wanted to eat a roma tomato. The problem is that he wanted to eat it whole.

Yes, he is crawling with one hand in each cake pan. He lifts his legs, but scoots his hands across the ground so he doesn't lose whatever it is he is holding.

Here he is walking on his knees. It looks a little painful to me but he will put his hands up and walk around on his knees.

He has discovered a new love of boxes. They are the greatest toy. he decided to plop himself right down in my box from target. Target box=cheap toy. Love it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Walter finished his MBA. Yahoo!!! That is the big news with us lately. He finished his classes last Thursday and did really well. He got an A and an A- on his two classes this quarter. I am very proud. He won’t get the actual diploma for a few weeks because they make sure he is done before they send those out, but he is done. His transcripts even say so. Now we are just trying to figure out if he is going to go back to school again.
I know, I know. Why would the guy with the MBA want to go back again? Well, he doesn’t really want to go back, but it might be a great career move if he does. He is looking in to two different programs. The one at CSUB is the “Master’s in Public Administration-Health Care Management” and the one at University of LaVerne is “Master’s in Health Administration”. He is going to find out if either of the programs will accept classes from the MBA as electives and then he won’t have to take as many classes. I think the program that accepts the most classes might be the one we go with. Who would want to be in school longer than necessary? Not Walter.
The reason he wants to go back is because he will need this degree to move up the ranks in the Hospital system. He could do well with degrees he has but couldn’t be the big boss. Since all of the big bosses will be retiring in the next 5-10 years he will have some opportunities to move up and wouldn’t want to get passed up just because he doesn’t have this degree.
It is all still up in the air, but we will let you know as things come to fruition.
Little Walter is doing well. He hasn’t graduated from anything, but we are still proud. He is talking more and more. We went to the grocery store yesterday and he kept asking for “ball, ball, ball, ball, ball” while pointing at the balloons. I didn’t realize he cared about balloons, but I guess he does. Cookie is still his favorite word. However, I think that is mainly because everything he wants to eat is a cookie. Pudding=cookie, goldfish crackers=cookie, graham crackers=cookie, kiwi=cookie. Since we don’t usually know what cookie means we just let him crawl over to the pantry and pick something out. That is much easier than picking up each item to see if he shakes his head at it.
He still isn’t walking much. He is getting better and is becoming steadier on his feet, but he just doesn’t want to walk around. He still walks to you if you are close by and will walk between pieces of furniture, but that is about it. I think he has turned his energy from walking to yelling. He won’t walk for you but he will scream at you. It is usually in a loud, high-pitched screech. Lots of fun.
Now for the Stefanie update. I am now unemployed. That is the reason that I am updating. I actually have time. The last few weeks I have been at the office almost every day. I would work in the office in the mornings, take care of the boy, take care of the house and a days worth of chores, run a full day worth of errands, make dinner, etc. in the few hours I had in the afternoon plus I would still do work from home. It was tiring, but it is now over. I feel so much less stress now that I don’t have to check e-mail and voicemail constantly. My biggest issue now if trying to workout a routine that doesn’t involve work. Friday was my first non-work day and it was great. I actually got chores done. I never thought I would be so excited about chores.
Not much else and no picture to share. We set up our new computer and I don’t know if it has the software for the camera on it. I will put up a post with pictures soon.