Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smiling for the Camera

We FINALLY got family pictures taken last night. I told mysef before I had the baby that we would get pictures taken as soon as he was born and then every three months. Well, he is about 7 months now and we finally got around to that.

It was great fun trying to get the baby to smile. We did everything short of standing on our heads to get him to smile for us. I find it interesting that he has no problem smiling when you don't have a camera.

Here is my favorite family shot:

You can notice the cute new haircut and the cute new clothes. Those aren't the size 6 jeans I bought, but we can pretend. I think part of me (or all of me) wanted to wait until I had lost all of my weight before I got pictures taken. I would rather remember my skinny. It is a better feeling.

Here are a couple pictures that we chose of Little Walter. He is so handsome.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All the Latest

My parents came in to town this weekend to see Little Walter. They said that they were coming to see all three of us, but I don't really believe them. Hey, my kid is cute, I can't blame them.

Luckily, the weekend was good for the boy and we was in great spirits. I would hate for them to travel and then the baby acts like, well, a big baby.

It is amazing how much he is changing and growing each day. Sometimes when you are too close to the action you miss some of the changes. I see him all day every day and I forget how he used to be. I will have to look back at pictures to remember how he looked. He is really wanting to crawl these day (except that he tend to move backwards and never forward) and I had to think rather hard to remember a few short months ago when he did nothing but sleep and eat. It is amazing that babies really do learn and grow every day. The good thing for my kid is that he seems to be getting cuter as he grows. Total bonus!!!

I didn't get any pictures of the baby while my parents were here. I totally spaced on that one. However, I don't think he could have taken anymore picture moments. My parents took well over 50 pictures in two days. The poor kid is still seeing spots.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This is why I shouldn't be left alone with the baby. (And yes, he is incredibly drooly)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I haven't done many updates on myself but I had to today. As many of you know, I have been doing weight watchers for some time now. I lost about 30 pound before I had the baby and started again after I had him.

Well, today I reached my weight goal. I still had about 10 pounds to lose before I got pregnant so I never got the chance to celebrate. Well, now I have done it.

Now that I am victorious I get to treat myself to a day of shopping. I have waited for months to buy myself new clothes in anticipation of this day. Look out Mall...Here I come.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Stats

We had a Dr. appointment for the little guy today. I never look forward to those because I know that he will be getting shots and will scream uncontrollably. I know it is best for him, but it is not very fun. The only good part about the appointment is that I get reassured that he is doing well.

He got all checked out and is doing great. They did his height, weight and head circumference measurements. The result of those are pretty much what I expected. He is built just like a Ray; tall and skinny. Here are the stats:

Height: 28.5 inches (above the 97th percentile)

Weight: 19lbs. 15oz. (between the 75 and 90th percentile)

Head Circumference: 46.5 centimeters (above the 97th percentile)

Height to weight ratio: between the 25 and 50th percentile

I fully understand why he wants to eat so much. He is a beefcake.

In other news...Walter made the baby a "fort" yesterday. It isn't really a fort. All he did was take the box from his car seat and turn it on it's side. Luckily the baby doesn't know any better and he thinks it is really neat. We put him in it and he started making his new favorite noise. He scrunches his nose up, opens his mouth, and breathes through his nose really fast. He is so weird, but we love him.

Monday, February 5, 2007

That Kid

It seems that Little Walter has become "that kid". You know, that kid who's parents you feel bad for. That kid who waits until the prayer starts at church to make the spitty noises. That kid who is an angel at the restaurant until the food comes and then he throws a fit.

I think it has to do something with the age and the fact that he really wants to be involved in everything these days. He doesn't like to watch others eat. He doesn't necessarily want to eat your food, he just wants to put his hand in it. I am also pretty sure that he doesn't have any desire to say the prayer since all he would say is "da da da ada ada ada". But he wants to be talked to and played with.

So far he has only been mildly embarassing but I have a feeling it will get worse. There is so much to look forward to as the parent of "that kid".

On a lighter note...here is a picture of him in a sweatshirt that is 12-months. It fits really well except that I ripped it trying to get it over his gigantic head. He is six months and can't fit his head in a 12-month sweatshirt. He was doomed from the beginning with Walter and I as parents. The big head is genetic.