Friday, May 22, 2009

Other Pics

Little Walter playing with Ellie on her play mat.

Another cute picture from the father and sons' camp out.

She is doing pretty well with her tummy time. I can even get her to smile during the tummy time occasionally.

She was a little sleepy and really didn't care where I laid her down.

Little Walter is such a good big brother. The batteries had died on Ellie's swing so he decided to lay on the floor and use his foot to push her while he watched something on tv.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Father & Sons

I can hardly believe it, my little baby went on his first camp out. I can not believe that my boy is old enough and grown up enough to go camping without his mommy. Of course I am not a camper so if he is ever going to go it will have to be without me. The Walter's joined our ward for a father and sons/priesthood commemoration camp out. I was afraid that he wouldn't do well with going to sleep or being out in the dirt, but he did wonderfully. His friend Wyatt came and they had a good time running around the hiking trails and climbing on things. And we did discover, no surprise here, that he loves s'mores. That's my boy.

The boys getting ready to leave.

Walter and Wyatt running away.

Okay, is it just me or does Little Walter look like a clone of his daddy in this picture. I love that their mouths are held the same.

Kelsie and Cameron came into town for the weekend so Cam was able to go with the boys on their campout.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Month Check-up

Ellie had her check-up on Monday 4/27. She did really well. Of course she waited until we got to the waiting room to have a slight diaper blow out. Typical. She got four shots and one oral vaccination. I hated to hear her cry but she was better within minutes.

Here are her stats:
Height-23 3/4 inches
Weight-11lbs. 8 oz.
Head circumference-16 inches

She is in the 80th percentile of height and head and 50th percentile for weight. I was so excited that at this point my daughter is not a big beast like Little Walter was (he has always been in at least the 95th percentil for height and head).