Monday, April 23, 2007

Just one of those days

There are some days when it seems like Little Walter is out to get me. Every time I turn around he is in something, on something, eating something, etc. I know that you are probably thinking "he's a baby, that's what they do". I get that, but I just can't seem to understand the fact that he is only a menace sometimes. Do I feed him something different that makes him hard to handle? Did I look at him wrong? Does he have a little baby stress disorder that makes him act out?

At the end of the day he is still a very good baby, but sometimes he seems to have too much of his dad in him.

Here are a few pictures from one day of fun. What isn't included is his attempt to be king of the toilet paper mountain. He crawled on to the costco pack of TP and then took a spill. I tried to stop him.

The Tooth

Here is a picture of it. I don't know why you wouldn't believe me, but in case you didn't I now have proof. If you click on the picture it will be bigger so you can see it.

I also tried to get a video. That didn't go so well. I suppose it is a good representation of what I put up with during the day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am busy right now canceling my denture order

Yesterday little Walter finally got his first tooth. He has been working on it for almost two weeks now. I was starting to worry about his lack of teeth but I was assured by Corinne (Nurse Practitioner Extraordinaire) that toothless children are not a concern until they are two years old. Exactly what they do with them when they are two I don't know. Luckily, my kid seems to be on his way to actually being able to chew, so I am not worried about it.

The teething process hasn't been too bad. There have been a few rough days. More so for me than him, I think. He was a bit whiny but all in all he was pretty good, I guess. I think it was more traumatizing for me because I am used to him being so pleasant that it is difficult to relate to him when he gets fussy. I seem to have come out of it all okay and the baby came out of it with a tooth so we are doing alright.

There still isn't enough tooth visible for me to get a picture so you will have to wait on that one.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby's First Easter

Baby's first Easter wasn't very climactic. We had a lovely day but the baby doesn't understand yet so it wasn't much different than other Sundays.

Walter and I dyed eggs on Saturday night after the baby went to sleep. We really didn't want his help because we knew it would end in a bigger mess than we could handle. We started our Sunday off at church. The baby was grumpy and spent most of the time in the Relief Society Room. He is still teething so he hasn't been his usual chipper self.

After Church we went to Mom and Dad Ray's and did a little Easter Bunny action. Once they arrived home from New Jersey/New York we did an Easter Egg Hunt. All that Little Walter cared about was trying to suck the dye off of one egg. I was more concerned with someone opening their eggs so I could steal their candy.

After the egg hunt was had dinner and settled in for a quiet evening. Like I said earlier, it was a lovely day, but fairly quiet.

Maybe next year we can have the little boy help with egg dying (this thought scares me. Maybe we will dye eggs outside) and he might be slightly interested in searching for eggs. Though I think it will be a few years before he really gets the looking for eggs thing and probably a few years after that before he understands the real reason that we celebrate Easter. I don't know how I will explain the connection between Easter eggs/bunny and the Resurrection since I am still working on that one myself. Oh well, maybe some things are better left unexplained.

I hope you all had a great Easter.

Here is a pic of the boy trying to undye the Easter egg with his slobber.

The Kitchen

It is done. The kitchen is done. If you don't know about the kitchen then I am pretty sure that you haven't been reading anything here in the last month or so. Don't worry, I am not mad if you aren't reading the blog. I am too happy enjoying my finished kitchen.

Is anyone interested in playing a little game? I will post the before and after pictures of the kitchen and you can try to figure out all of the changes that occurred? Sound fun? The answers will be at the bottom along with the obligatory baby picture.

The answers are below. No cheating, unless you aren't playing. Then you can cheat.









Here they are:

-Green paint on the walls
-White paint on the ceiling
-Blinds (hard to see in the pic)
-Valance over the window
-Removed corner cabinet (where the Kitchen-aid now sits)
-New sink
-New counter tops with pretty mosaic tile backsplash
-New rug in front of sink
-Lightened and polyurethaned the cabinets
-New cabinet hinges (did anyone catch that one?)
-New dishwasher
-New stove (it does have grates on the top but they are in the dishwasher)
-Extended the counter top by the stove/pantry
-New ceiling light
-Shortened the cabinet by the microwave (opposite side) so that it is the same height as the other cabinets
-Replaced all of the electrical outlets and light switches
-Replaced the Sprite on the floor with some apple juice
-Rearranged a few counter top items and thinned out the junk on top of the fridge
-Put the doors back on around the stove (the were already being stripped when I took the pic)
-It also appears that we finally got the lid on the garbage can correctly. That’s a tough one.

Well, how did you do?

We are really glad that this project is over. I LOVE the kitchen but it was pretty time consuming. The stove that lights by itself is an amazing thing. With our old stove you would have to light a lighter and then turn the knob in order to light any burner. Not only was it annoying, but fairly dangerous.

Little Walter was really good throughout the project. As I have mentioned in other posts, he would take stuff out of the cabinets several times a day, but he never messed with the cleaning products.

Here is a picture of little Walter in the box for the light fixture. He seems to have a mild fascination with cardboard. He loves boxes.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

It Keeps Going and Going and Going

There are a few things that keep going and going these days. One thing is the kitchen remodel. We are getting so close, but still have a little work to go. All that is left right now is sealing the grout, caulking the sink and putting up the light fixture. We attempted the light fixture tonight. Of course, in our classic fashion, it didn't work how we planned. The new light fixture is smaller than the last one so we have to paint the ceiling to make everything blend. Just a small setback.

The other thing that keeps going is the little boy. That kid is a speed demon. Well, at least he thinks he is. We try not to tell him that when he moves his arms and legs really fast when he is crawling it doesn't help much. He will crawl as fast as he can, get completely out of breath and still get to his destination in about the same amount of time. At least he keeps trying.

There is not much else that is new to report. Life is a little boring and I sort of like it that way. Hopefully I will be able to post kitchen pictures this weekend. I know everyone is looking forward to that.

The boy has become a huge fan of snacks. The other day I came into the living room to find his cheerios thrown everywhere. Cheerios-a snack and a toy.