Monday, January 26, 2009

Things and Stuff

The Ray household has been buzzing with lots of activity lately but somehow it seems that nothing is really getting done. We have so many things started or in progress but I can't seem to get them done. Luckily my husband is working very hard to try to get his projects done because if things were left up to me we would be in this predicament forever.

Here is a little list of what we have going. I have started getting Ellie's room ready for her but I cant finish because I have no desire to sew the curtains right now and I can't get the rest of Walter's toys out of the room because the garage is too full. The garage is too full because we have all of the stuff for the bathroom remodel in the garage is the place where I want to put Little Walter's tool bench. The bathroom remodel isn't done because some of the additions to our house were done by crazy people so everything has to be done from scratch or fixed before we can move forward. We still haven't gotten all of the Christmas stuff down to the basement because 1)the bathroom remodel takes all of the free time so we there is no time left to get a dozen loads of stuff to the basement and 2) we got all of the lights and decorations packed up but somehow forgot the giant ornaments hanging on the elm tree out front and they need to be taken down at some point but I am not exactly in top ladder climbing form. The baby stuff hasn't come up from the basement yet and gotten clean because there is just no room for it right now. With the boxes of bathroom stuff and the boxes of Christmas stuff I am a little low on storage space and I also have a pile of food about 6' long against the wall in my front room because it is for Girl's camp and no one can figure out a place to store it where it won't get ruined by heat or rodents. I am also still working on cooking this baby because, like Little Walter, she seems perfectly content with living in her current habitat FOREVER.

On that note, let me update you the pregnancy. I am still very pregnant. Painfully pregnant at times. I had a doctor's appointment today and I have made no progress. For some reason I think my body is missing whatever it is that makes babies want to leave. I promise I am trying my best not to be hospitable but it just isn't working.
I am currently working with little Walter on his shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet. The numbers and alphabet are doing pretty well. The colors are okay and the shapes could definitely use some help but we are working on it. His latest news is that he had a little mishap in the bathtub last night and bit through his lip. It was terribly traumatizing for me. I am sure it was bad for him too, but I was in a little bit of shock. It bled so badly and now it is so swollen it makes me hurt to look at it. I will include a picture at the end of the post.

Big Walter has discovered a new hobby. He has discovered ways to alter his nerf guns to make them shoot farther/harder. It is so funny to see the little boy in him come out. I have no problem with him altering his gun but I really wish he wouldn't have made Little Walter's gun shoot harder. The kid is going to lose an eye one of these days. My only real request is that he not try to make the super soaker flame thrower that he saw on youtube. There have to be limits.

A cute family photo from Christmas.

The boy in front of the piles of leaves that are another unfinished project. I rakes them but the darn green trash can isn't big enough to hold them all so it will take us a few tries to get rid of them all.

This is Little Walter's favorite new activity. Running. The kid would run forever if we let him. I would love to go out with him more but I am not in the physical state to keep up with him all that well these days.

The injury to his lip. I think it looks worse in person but this picture is pretty gross. I really hope it heals soon without bothering him too much.

I love this man for so many reasons, not the least of which is how darn photogenic he is.

That's all for now, folks.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

'Tis the Season

Well, now that the Christmas season is over it is now time for the sickness season. Ugh. Coughs, sinus problems, ear aches, we have them. I hope this is a short lived season because I am really tired.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Great Name Debate

Well, it has taken us 7.5 months but we think we might have picked out a name. It is weird to refer to the baby using a name since I have gotten so used to referring to her as "the baby", "baby sister", "little girl", etc. Now, we do reserve the right to change our minds because we like being indecisive it seems, but we actually both feel really good about this name. And the name is......drum roll, please......Eliza. Full name being Eliza (Ellie) DeLon Ray.
I have liked Eliza for a long time (since high school, maybe) and I think it goes well with Walter as they are both more classic names. The middle name is my grandfather's, mother's and my middle name. I know it is odd, but it's a family name. So, there you have it.
Oh, and if you hate the name could you refrain from letting me know. That would be great. : )