Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cough, Hack, Whine, Puke, Poop- not necessarily in that order

I just wanted to let you know that there has been a little sickness going around our house. I started it all. Yeah me. I am sure I wasn't actually the first to ever get this horrible, hacking, phlegm-filled junk but I was the first in my house, unfortunately. I have been sick since Monday night, little Walter and big Walter were sick by Wednesday with different ailments. Little Walter get what I have and is still suffering. Big Walter had some stomach thing that tortured him for a few days but is now gone.

I am still waiting for this cough to leave me alone. I am just thankful that my friendly neighborhood pharmacist was kind enough to deliver some cough syrup with codeine. Magic, pure magic.

The worst part of all of this was last night when there was an incident involving a certain 18-month-old, a bath tub, some poop (not mine) and a lot of freaking out (mine). I will not go into details for your sake and mine but I will leave you with a warning. For those of you who don't have kids or haven't had a sick kid yet, you need to know that administering regular doses of Tylenol and Motrin can cause a few, um, bottom problems. It won't always, but it can. This is just a warning; do with it as you please. Well, I am now going to go have codeine-induced nightmares about last night.

Oh, and trust me, you don't want pics in this post.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Halloween to Now

Um, Hi! So I have gotten reports from some of you that you are displeased with my frequency in updating the blog. I would like to promise, as I have in the past, that I will be better at this. But, let’s get real here. I am terrible at this timely updating. I will give it my best effort but will not promise you anything as I don’t really want to get your hopes up. Then I would feel just terrible when I neglect to update for a while and you are all heart-broken. I know, that would be likely to happen.

Well, now for that update you have been wanting. Since I haven’t updated since before Halloween I guess I could start there. Walter was the Kool-aid man, little Walter was a monkey and I was “Thing 2” from Dr. Seuss (Renee was “Thing 1” and our shirts were quite cute). My parents came to town and we all attended the ward Halloween party. The party was a huge success and I made my first batch of Galyan dogs. For those of you that don’t know about Galyan dogs, they are the best hot dogs around. With explicit directions from Sister Galyan about preparation I set out on my maiden hot dog voyage. I wouldn’t say that they were quite as wonderful as Sister Galyan makes them but they were pretty good and all 100 were eaten.

Next, we come to November. I am sure it was a lovely month but I can’t remember too much right now. I know we did Thanksgiving in Rialto before Thanksgiving Day and that was a lot of fun. We (Thad, Brittany, Andi, Walter, Little Walter, and myself) all went to “A Day Out With Thomas” where we got to take a short train ride on a replica Thomas the Tank Engine. It was pretty fun. I wouldn’t necessarily say that is was worth the money, nor will I say that I am inclined to do it again, but it was a good experience all in all and I now have pictures of the event. These pictures will be used for years to come so that I can tell my son that we did take him to Thomas once, we love him enough to make that journey, and just because we was too young to remember it is not my fault. He can just look at the pictures when he is older and make up the details.
We also had Thanksgiving in Bakersfield on Thanksgiving Day. I was in charge of the relish tray which turned in to a relish tray, salami filled with cream cheese, devilled eggs and two cheese balls. We already had a ton of food so I don’t think we needed the hors deourvs extravaganza but we did it anyway and I have no regrets about my caloric intake.
Now, on to December. There was a lot of eating. I could almost stop there but I won’t. We had a FHE activity with the young married couples in the ward. It was a potluck and I ate too much. Then we had Walter’s company party where I ate too much Indian food and about killed myself with the spices (They said it was mild. Yeah right). Then there was Christmas Eve dinner with my parents, Christmas breakfast at my grandparents’ (a.k.a. the breakfast meatstravaganza that included a large cookie sheet full of bacon and two types of sausage) and finally the Christmas dinner. Oh, and how could I forget New Years eve when we had Korean food with Alexis. At least Renee and I shared on New Years Eve. I guess that helped a little.

If you haven’t guessed, we went to Napa for Christmas this year. The pictures that you see to the left are the boy running through the grapevines in my parents front yard. It is so pretty there. It was a nice trip and Little Walter was spoiled again. That kid has so many toys. Of course Walter and I didn’t help considering we got him a ride-on Thomas the Tank Engine. He really didn’t need it but we thought it was cool. Not practical, but cool.

Let’s see how much of January I can remember… We put new windows in the house. That was good. Oh and in December we put in extra insulation. Our house is nice and toasty. What else??? Oh, I got the flu. Terrible stuff. The good news for the month is that Little Walter started attending nursery after the start of the year. What an amazing thing nursery is. I love it. I can actually listen during Sunday school now. I am sure other stuff happened in January but I have tired myself out thinking about the other months and now I can’t remember. Hmmm.

February has been lovely so far. I have been working outside in the yard the last couple of days because it has been beautiful here. I made the aforementioned rolls. Kate rolled over for the first time. We knew she could do it and I am pretty sure she has been rolling over for months but just never let us see. She is like that. Little Walter has still been great with Kate. He really loves her and is kind to her, which I love.

So, is that enough of an update? If you made it this far I am very impressed. Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still Not an Update

This isn't the post that I have been working on but I was too excited to keep this to myself. Are you ready??? Okay, I made homemade rolls for the first time. I even used my bread maker to mix the dough. It was awesome. I am like a domestic goddess.

I got the bread maker at my wedding and this is only the second time it has been used. Unfortunately, the first time I used it things didn't go so well so it went back in to the cabinet for a few more years.

I think this might be the start of something big. Probably just the making of more rolls, but that is pretty big for me.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I had the hardest time signing in to this thing. Anyway, I wanted to put your minds at ease and tell you that I am working on an update. It will be loooooooooooooooooong since I have a lot of time to catch up on. I have Halloween, November and early December accounted for so far.

I know you arae all on the edge of your seat and it should be coming shortly.