Monday, October 29, 2007

This Might Take a While.

I keep getting requests for a blog update. I promise that I don’t really do anything cool, at least I don’t think it is cool enough to write about. I guess that is my problem. My day to day life doesn’t excite me all that much so I assume that it wouldn’t excite anyone else either. I could be wrong.
I will try my best to recap the last month and a half for you in the next few paragraphs.
We have been working a lot on the house. The new AC/heating unit is in. I love it. I have only had to use it a few times because it is supposed to be 80 degrees on Halloween so we don’t really require much in the way of heat yet. We ordered our new windows also. I had a nearly four week long fight with Home Depot in order to get my 20% discount that I was supposed to get in the beginning. It was a mess, but I won. The windows should be delivered in the next week or two. As for when they will be installed…I don’t know. But at least we will have them when we are ready to put them in. We took down the large bookcase in our living room and put our new computer armoire in its place. I really live the armoire and I am glad that I could get the computer out of my bedroom. Walter and Thad replaced the wiring in a good portion of the house. It was the old cloth wiring that was just a fire waiting to happen. Luckily, it is now replaced and we don’t have to worry about our house burning down. We took the heater out of the wall that was between the baby’s room and the guest room and replaced the wall. It still needs to be plastered and painted but at least it is a solid wall now and we don’t have the weird paneling that we used to have in the babies room. I think that is it for the house except for a few minor changes. I would put pictures up but nothing that is completed is really picture worthy. Do you want me to take a picture of the wiring? Maybe a nice pic of the air conditioner? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
The little boy is doing wonderful. He is talking like crazy. I love the he is getting to the point that he can actually ask me for things that he wants. It is always such a struggle when they don’t speak and you are trying to play a game of charades with a little person that isn’t very good with their hands. He is pretty good at both English and Spanish. Well, he is as good as you can be for a 15 month old. When I get a chance I will write down all of the words that he knows. He also started putting words together to make mini sentences. This doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment but it is a milestone for babies. He is still walking around like crazy. He has started to run now as well. He thinks he is soooooo fast. And, his new favorite game is peek-a-boo. The only problem is that he covers his ears instead of his eyes. He really thinks you can’t see him. It is hilarious. He will also try to say peek-a-boo but he isn’t very good. It sounds more like bee-boo.
The other big change is the addition of Baby Kate to our daytime routine. For those of you that don’t know who Kate is, she is Corinne’s little girl. For those of you who don’t know who Corinne is, she works with Walter and Renee, she is Laurel Kowssar’s daughter-in-law (Laurel is in our ward), she was the camp nurse at Girl’s Camp for a couple years, and so on. I am sure there are other connections I could make, but it is late and I am a bit short on ideas. Anyway, Kate is 4.5 months old. She is a good baby and Little Walter loves her. He gives her hugs and kisses ALL THE TIME. She is really good with tolerating his affections most of the time. Occasionally, she gets a little tired of him but it usually takes 10-15 hugs/kisses before she gets fed up. Little Walter also tries to help her but ends up sabotaging her more than anything else. For example, he likes to take her pacifier and hand it to me. It doesn’t matter that he had to take it out of her mouth. He just wanted to make sure she didn’t lose it. Sweet, right?
Well, I think that is about it. We are all doing well. The two baby thing is tricky but we are figuring it out okay. As always, I will try to be better at updating. But, as always, I might just fail at that.
P.S. Little Walter is going to be a monkey for Halloween, I will be “thing 2” from Dr. Seuss and Walter will be something that has yet to be determined. I will take some pics.

This is a picture of the rash that the baby had a few weeks back. It was an allergic reaction to something unknown. It was quite scary.

He is pretty hard core with he saggy pants. I guess this is supposed to work better with boxers than a diaper. Whatever.

This is Walter and baby Kate. They quite like one another.

One day he wouldn't get out of his crib and wanted every one of his stuffed animals in with him.

Forget that saggy pants thing. The saggy diaper is totally hip. I was sewing a button back on his shirt and since his shirt was off he kept trying to take off his pants as well. Unfortunately, the diaper came with it.

The guys in their Big Guy/ Little Guy shirts.

We like to call this one blue steel. There is more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking.